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In 1986 Slingmax® Rigging solutions created the worlds first Twin-Path® synthetic fiber roundsling, which revolutionized the field of rigging and overhead lifting. Today the Slingmax® Organization is a worldwide team of 39 full-service locations strategically placed in 12 countries which fabricate the most advanced rigging products on the market today. Our Rigging “Solutions” include Twin-Path® Extra Slings with K-SPEC® Core Yarn. Twin-Path® lifting slings are the only roundslings in the world that have been successfully tested up to 3 million pounds and come equipped with our patented Check-Fast® early warning indicator technology.

K-SPEC® Core Yarn is so abrasion resistant that it exceeds catalog breaking strength after 50,000 cycles! Besides ergonomically superior High Performance Synthetic Slings and Multi-part Wire Rope Slings, we also provide training and rigging accessories, including protection for slings and loads. For safety, quality, durability and the lowest true “cost of use” in innovative rigging equipment — SLINGMAX® is your SOLUTION!