The chain saddle ring gives a chain bridle, length adjustment capabilities in each chain leg. It aids the rigger in placing the lifting point over the center of gravity so the load will lift in a level manner. The Saddle Ring has found favor with millwrights for moving machinery in factories

Allows Adjustment of Chain Reach

No more bent link because they are supported with the saddle. More versatile than a two-leg or quad adjustable chain sling.

System Chain Size Inches Single Branch Sling 90 degree Loading Double Sling

Chain Size Inches Triple and Quadruple Sling

10 9/32 4,300 7,400 6,100 4,300 9/32 11,200 9,100 6,450
10 3/8 8,800 15,200 12.400 8,800 3/8 22,800 18,600 13,200
10 1/2 15,000 26,000 21,200 15,000 1/2 39,000 31,800 22,500
10 5/8 22,600 39,100 32,000 22,600 5/8 58,700 47,900 33,900
10 3/4 35,300 61,100 49,900 35,300 3/4 91,700 74,900 53,000

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Slingmax has been a trusted supplier of high performance synthetic roundslings to the industrial and heavy lifting markets since 1986. Think Twin-Path® slings for all your heavy lifting and rigging needs.



The Equalizer Block is used to maintain tension on all legs of the sling during a lift. The Equalizer Block will automatically adjust itself when tension is put on the device from the sling. This was designed specifically for Twin-Path® Extra Slings



Slingmax multi-part wire rope slings are designed for increased capacity and excellent flexibility. The three-part Tri-Flex, nine-part Gator-Laid, and nine-part Gator-Flex grommet have excellent D/d ratios and can be fabricated in shorter lengths.

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