The Equalizer Block is used to maintain tension on all legs of the sling during a lift. Rather than adjusting slings and hooks prior to completing a lift, the Equalizer Block will automatically adjust itself when load is put on the device from the sling. This product was designed specifically for Twin-Path® Extra Slings. Use only with Twin-Path® roundslings.

Download the Equalizer Block Manual.
Use only with Twin-Path® slings. Synthetic Equalizer Block can fail if damaged, misused, overloaded,
or improperly utilized. Inspect Synthetic Equalizer Block and Twin-Path® slings prior to use. Do not use
a Twin-Path® sling that is wider than the stated maximum sling width for the size of the Synthetic
Equalizer Block being utilized. Do not exceed rated capacity of the Synthetic Equalizer Block. Read
and follow Manufacturer’s Instructions before use. Use only if trained. Inspect before use.
Death or Injury can occur from improper use or maintenance
Part No. 1
(5:1 DF)
Maximum Sling Width
Block Weight
SEB10 10 US ton 3 44
SEB25 25 US ton 4 79
SEB50 50 US ton 6 220
SEB75 75 US ton 8 270
SEB125M 125 metric ton 8 640